Monday, March 24, 2014

Time for a new post

Time for a new post for since it has been so long since the last.  We had Jake and Sam both in ski school this year and they both made great progress.  Sam only got to go twice because the day gets a little tiring for him.  Jake recently discovered that he can do jumps so I couldn't resist taking a few videos.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where has the time gone?

Much has happened since our March post. Lots of time with family, new friends and old, travel and graduation. We are thankful right now and are looking forward to a new season in the Cuda household. The only thing is that I need more pictures of Grandma Barb, Uncle Matt, the Rohls, and new friends from church. These are all wonderfully supportive people in our lives right now!
 Tom-Tom with boys on visit to Ponca State Park in June.
 Jake and cousin, Milo, catching fish in Ponca.
 Mandy's new buds, Scott and Garrett. Fellowship grads together this June.
 New kindred spirit, Sara, in the fellowship with me, at graduation in June.
 Jake, Scott, and I at graduation.
 One of the wonderful residents I have been working with these last 2 years: Jennie, Jake and I.
 Scott and I on our fellowship cruise celebration.
 Picture of Mount Rainier from Gig Harbor on our cruise.
 Visit with Christine and Addie was really wonderful in May. Thanks to Scott, Marc, and Frank for taking care of the kids.
 All of us together in Gig Harbor.
 USU class of 2003 at Northwest USUHS reunion in May. Wonderful old friends to be able to keep working with.
 Allie is 17 months old here. She is walking, talking, and adorable.
 Sam getting clams in Gig Harbor in April.
 Jake and our tulips in April.
 The kids actually posed for the camera together. All looking big and adorable.
 Allie is 16 months old here.
Scott teaching Sam how to shoot a bow and arrow in April.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Another ski video

Jake and I went skiing again and he made a lot of progress.  He was able to use the regular lift and ski down a green run.  We are proud of him and wanted to show the video.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's been a long time

Yes, Allie has turned 1. Yes, Sam is now potty trained and speaking better than I do. Yes, we are terrible bloggers. Sorry kids. When you read this, you'll probably remember a really busy time in Mommy and Daddy's life. Here are some great things about each of you to remember about this time.

Jake: Is a wonderful skiier. Got really high marks from his pre-K teacher. She said that Jake has great math ability. He loves to give and get hugs. He has friends named Kyler, Greyson, Devan, JR, Eli. He loves to hang out with his cousins, Finn and Henry, even though we don't do it enough. He has been hunting with his dad already. He can chop wood. He is learning to golf. He loves apples and pears.

Sam: Has a few tantrums, although less than 3 months ago. He talks with this adorably cute voice. He runs, climbs, jumps amazingly well. He knows his colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. He can say 4 favorite Bible verses. He loves peppers and strawberries and coffee. He is potty trained at 2 1/2, yes, almost entirely dry. His reward for being potty trained: new slippers and a clock for his room in addition to many M'M's. Amazing.

Allie: Has the prettiest reddish brown hair. She has 2 teeth. She babbles in her own words and says Mama and Jakie and I think kitty in fairly recognizable babbles. She crawls all over including up and down stairs. She is standing and able to take 1-2 steps alone, but definitely cruises really well. She loves cucumbers and applesauce and cheese and chocolate. Girl after my own heart.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Allie's 11 month post and Thanksgiving!

 Here are Scott and Matt frying the turkey for Thanksgiving. It was delicious!

 Here is Allie posing for her 11 month picture. She's so cute, isn't she?

 Dr. Doug hanging out with us for Thanksgiving.

 Allie responds to all pictures like this...a big smile!

We went to the Olympic National Forest for our Christmas tree. Sam was the bravest in the rain.
 Here is Jake's school picture. Can't believe he's five years old!

 Here are the kids with Maddie and Charlotte in Spokane. It was a lot of fun!

 Sam climbs everything!
Cute picture with Maddie.

Allie's 10 month pic and Halloween

Here is Allie at 10 months. A little late, I know. She's so cute in her Oregon cheerleading outfit. This was for one Halloween party.

Here are Jake and Sam at a church bike race. If you notice, Jake still has training wheels. As a result of his loss in this race, he decided to get rid of his training wheels. Fifteen minutes later and with Scott's assistance, he was riding a 2 wheel bike. It's awesome!

Here's all the kids at Halloween. In case Jake mentions it, he was a cheetah, not a tiger despite his strong resemblance to a tiger. Cheetah! As cute as Sam looks, he chose to go to Costco with me rather than trick or treating with Jake and Scott. He and Allie did get a lot of compliments at Costco!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allie is 9 months- Tough Mudder

Allie likes blackberries
Allie is 9 months old now.  This past month has been busy for both Mandy and I and we actually forgot to post pictures of her at 8 months.  Needless to say, she has been busy for her 7th and 8th months, as well. She says many consonant sounds like ba ba and ma ma. She growls like a velociraptor, which is so cute. She is eating all sorts of foods as is obvious above. We can convince her  to eat baby food still, but it's definitely not her favorite. She is low crawling and gets her little butt in the air on all fours looking like she is going to crawl, but not quite. She does get around to what she wants, though! She is a very loveable, cuddly, and flexible little girl. She likes to travel, be outside, and go for bike rides. We are very grateful for our little Allie!


Today was also the Tough Mudder Race near Seattle.  Our Urology department signed up as a team last spring so we would have plenty of time over the summer to train for it.  Unfortunately we had good intentions but ended up pretty much showing up on race day to take a beating.  It is basically an 11 mile obstacle course.  Most of the obstacles are fun but a couple I could be happy never seeing again.  The jump into the ice bath at the start is one and the two obstacles that shock you with electricity are the others.  I remember once as a kid sticking my finger in a light socket and screaming in pain.  This felt pretty much the same way ever couple of seconds as the generator delivers a shock.

Fortunately I didn't fall on the way through.